WIPL Prediction 2023: Over 30 companies interested in buying a WIPL team

More than 30 companies have received Letters of Invitation (ITT) to bid for Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) teams, some of them new to the world of sports leagues. Chennai-based Shriram Group, Nilgiri Group and AW Katkuri Group are names that have expressed interest, along with companies such as APL Apollo and Haldiram (a group of companies that manufacture snacks and confectionery).

Here is the disclaimer:
Not everyone who buys ITT necessarily bids, but WIPL seems to have inspired Indian companies. With no further prizes to come, the Bollywood star stayed away due to her Rs 10 crore net worth requirement for aspirants to bid for her WIPL side.

Several cement companies – Chettinad Cement and JK Cement – appear to be interested and if they can get a team, they will join a third cement company, India Cements (from CSK), to start a cricket franchise. intend to do something. Groups that have cricket teams while not in the IPL have also bought ITT, such as Capri Global (Sharjah Warriors at ILT20) and Adani Group (Gulf Giants at ILT20).

Of course, all his IPL franchises are on his ITT and are set to buy his WIPL team, which will be auctioned off in Mumbai on January 25th. An interesting part of his IPL element of the WIPL is that his two owners of the Delhi Capitals team, his GMR group and JSW group, can compete separately. The two groups incorporated his ITT separately and one as the Delhi Capitals. The ITT sale will end in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, BCCI has provided an estimate of WIPL’s costs and income. According to P&L, BCCI will earn up to Rs 12.5 crore from selling media rights in his first year. In the years that followed, his income from sources was Rs 16.215 billion. Viacom 18’s burden of media rights which he bought for 9.5 crore for 5 years is less than his first year when he calculates 709 crore per game.

Therefore, the central revenue share (80 days
20 ratio) will be his Rs 280.8 crore for the first team to finish in the league, while the other trailing teams will receive Rs 27.20 crore, Rs 2.633 crore, Rs 2.545 crore and Rs 2.457 crore in that order. . This share includes revenue of Rs 7.7 billion from central sponsorships that BCCI has yet to announce. The share of sales will increase in the next four years.

As previously reported by Cricbuzz, the salary cap will be Rs 1.2 crore in the first year and increase by Rs 150 crore over the next four years, bringing the total to Rs 1.8 crore in 2027, the final year of the current five-year period. Become. Annual Period – Media Rights Cycle. The league will be played entirely in Mumbai in its first year, with tentative dates for him March 4-26. WIPL has a clear stipulation that in Game XI he allows five foreign players and one of his foreign players must be a player from the relevant country.

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