women’s big bash tips free : DRS will play in both the men’s and women’s Big Bash.

The long-awaited implementation of a Decision Review System (DRS) for both the men’s and women’s divisions for the 2022–23 season has been confirmed by the Big Bash League.

The league today revealed the system will be used in all KFC BBL|12 matches and the 24 Weber WBBL|08 matchups televised on both Seven and Foxtel, including finals, after plans to adopt the technology last summer were derailed by international and state border closures.

The remaining 35 WBBL|08 matches will be produced using live stream technology, which does not yet allow DRS and will be aired on Foxtel a

According to Big Bash administrators, the league will keep working to increase DRS coverage for upcoming WBBL seasons.

Over the past few seasons, the lack of review technology—which was utilised in other significant domestic T20 leagues, including the Indian Premier League and the Hundred as well as leagues in Pakistan, the Caribbean, and Bangladesh—had become a major talking point. Its introduction was undoubtedly warmly received by both players and match officials.

It had been challenging to implement the technology during the pandemic due to logistical challenges specific to the Big Bash, such as the multiple games played on the same day at different venues, the significant travel required across the country, and the fact that broadcasters Seven and Foxtel use different technology providers, but league executive Alistair Dobson is confident those obstacles had been overcome.

In keeping with the top cricket contests in the world, the league is excited to incorporate DRS, he stated.

The BBL, the world’s most logistically challenging T20 league, has found it difficult to implement DRS.

“That, together with the pandemic’s effects on travel and movement, have made it impossible to implement the technology until this season.”

Each side is allowed one unsuccessful review every inning, and the batter or captain of the team that is fielding the ball has 15 seconds to request one.

As is customary, if the outcome leads to “Umpire’s Call,” the reviewing team will retain its single unsuccessful review.

The TV match official will have access to ball-tracking and Ultra Edge, also referred to as a Snicko.

The Power Surge innovation is being expanded to the WBBL for this season, while the Bash Boost point and the X-Factor substitute have been eliminated after two seasons.

The tournament points system has been changed to once again award two points for a victory, one point for a tie or abandoned game, and zero points for a defeat. Teams will once again name a conventional playing XI, a 12th player, and substitute fielders.

The fielding team must start the last over of an inning within 79 minutes (plus allowances) or else they will only be able to use four fielders instead of five outside the field restriction circle for the remainder of the inning. This is another new feature for BBL|12.

In the WBBL|08, the innings clock will not be used.

Dobson referred to the BBL innings clock and the Power Surge as “huge wins” for the audience.

We continue to have a strong ambition to innovate and advance our leagues, but we are also prepared to reconsider choices like the Bash Boost point and X-Factor substitute that have not had the desired good effect.

What does Power Surge mean?

All games in both tournaments will now begin each inning with a four-over Powerplay, with the batting side having the option to declare a two-over Power Surge between overs 11 and 20. During these moments, a maximum of two fielders may be outside the field restriction circle.

Phil Gillespie, a recently promoted member of Cricket Australia’s international panel, stated to cricket.com.au in May that everyone wanted to use DRS when officiating.

“I think it’s much simpler for umpires with DRS in the game because you can move on from that error fast when it’s been overturned or settled,” the official added.

“As umpires, we all embrace DRS and want it in our games, and it also improves us as officials,”

Players agree with this viewpoint as well; Perth Scorchers draftee Laurie Evans stated that DRS was becoming the standard in the international T20 circuit.

This game is developing more quickly than many people realise, he said, adding that many people have a lot on the line and that one person’s choice might alter their career.

The DRS is one of those things that we’re starting to become used to as players around the T20 circuit, so it’s a fantastic decision to have it. Therefore, I believe a competition of this importance has to have everything accessible to it and should be played at the highest level possible.

The first Big Bash game with DRS will take place on Thursday, October 13 in Mackay between Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers in the WBBL season opening.

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