Yesterday cricbuzz prediction: “Sachin, Gouti, Dhoni grilled me…”: India’s former strength and conditioning coach wants the current player to match his 2011 batch

The Indian cricket team has seen a spate of injuries over the past 24 months. From fast bowlers to specialized racquets to all-rounders, timing gaps can undermine team coordination before important matches and multinational tournaments such as the World Cup and Asian Cup.

Few players currently play all three formats consistently, so frequent breaks between series/tournaments have become commonplace. What is the reason for constant blackouts? Do You Really Need Workload Management? Former Indian strength and conditioning coach Ramji Srinivasan sheds light on current injury woes, workload management and more in an exclusive chat with News18 Cricketnext.

“You see, there are many factors why injuries happen. The four main factors that need to be addressed holistically are biological, physical, psychological and sociocultural. True to these four parameters, there are many facets to back injuries. When did these injuries occur? Crowds scale with fast bowlers, wicket keepers or spin bowlers involved. We need to ask where it started and why it started. We have to ask what triggered this tsunami-like injury. Basically a source of injury. Ramji, who was the strength and conditioning coach for the Indian team at the 2011 World Cup, says:

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