Yesterday cricket match prediction: Rohit Sharma’s epic reaction as Virat Kohli hits an incredible 95 m 6 in his IND vs. SL 3rd ODI Century Knock

Virat Kohli hit a great shot to reach an unbeaten 166 in the third and final ODI of the series against Sri Lanka.

Virat Kohli had an incredible match in his third and final ODI of the series against Sri Lanka on Sunday, posting an unbeaten 166 from just 110 deliveries at Thiruvananthapuram. India achieved a mammoth score of 390/5 in 50 overs thanks to brilliant centuries from Kohli and Shubman Gir (116). Kohli accelerated with breathtaking speed, hitting 82 at the end of his 40-over innings, and only he scored his 84 runs remaining with 34 deliveries.

Kohli smashed 4 for 13 and 6 for 8 en route to a knock of 166 runs in the third ODI, Kohli’s incredible 6 was an awe-inspiring as Kohli hit a Lankan bowler in the park. It also impressed Indian captain Rohit Sharma, who praised the Indian batsman with a vengeance. In India’s innings final, Kohli struck out two sixes. He reached his second distance off his limit long off.

Rohit also built a 131-run winning streak at the second wicket, with Kohli with Gill after 42 important successes from 49 deliveries. After the opening players left, Kohli opened the attack against the Sri Lankan bowlers and made another 88-run partnership with Shreyas Ayer (38).

Kohli, 34, is three minutes away from tying Sachin Tendulkar’s record for his 49th century. His conversion rate is remarkable: 46 tons in 259 innings, while Tendulkar reached 49 centuries in 452 innings. Kohli started the innings with a series of stops before collecting runs in an exemplary run between wickets. His first success of his 6 of his 8’s was in his ’80s, and it was the long-running failure that made him laugh.

Before Kohli took over, Gill was hitting some quality shots enroute to his ODI hundred in his second.

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