Cricketzine prediction: After being away from cricket for over a year, Kedar Jadhav is back in good spirits

Kedar Jadhav has not played any form of cricket for over a year. When he decided to play for Maharashtra in Ranji htrophy this season, there were concerns about his figure and fitness.

But the veteran fighter silenced all critics with 283, 56 and 71 points before adding another 128 against Mumbai in Tuesday’s must-win game in Brabourne.

Getting back on track after the break was tough, but Jadhav remained calm and composed. This approach seems to have served him well in his new stint.

“I realized that there was nothing else I could do and what would make me happy and keep me healthy at the same time,” he said. So I (let’s) go back and play. Let’s see if you enjoy it. As long as I am fit and able to keep running, I will continue to play,” Jadhav said.

While I am happy to contribute to the team’s success, Jadhav enjoys batting and would like to continue playing for a few more years. “I was hungry to play, so I started from scratch again,” he said.

He came on in challenging conditions against Mumbai and with just 23 on the board he lost two early wickets from Pavanshah and Naushad Sheikh. It took him some time to settle in, and he forged important partnerships with Siddhesh veer and Azim Kazi on the way to his century.

Mumbai’s sailors enjoyed the conditions earlier in the day, but Jadav showed batting briefly later in the day. “Experience plays a big part in this and I have a habit of keeping things simple as long as I am prepared. and my heart. If you want to do well and you prepare well for it, you usually do well.”

“I’ve seen it all, I’ve been there, I’ve done it. I’m 37 and I’ve played more pressure games than this. It was just another day when both teams needed at least a first innings lead to be out…that’s the only pressure otherwise bowlers are just bowling your way.. .The wickets are very good…”

According to his statement, Jadhav has always enjoyed playing for Mumbai. “First of all, I love playing in Mumbai. I don’t come here often to play club matches. So I think I still love this city.The wickets are very good and the people are very supportive.The Test cricketers come to see you play so they know how good you are. It’s a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere that we want to show,” he said.

“That’s why I love batting in Mumbai, no matter who you’re up against. In fact, they offer athletic stretches and are always challenging your athletes..”

The home side’s decision to take the field first after winning a draw came as a surprise to Jadhav, but he believes Maharashtra need another 100 runs to put pressure on Mumbai.

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