Cricketzine prediction: Bavuma will captain South Africa for as long as his teammates and management want him to

Temba Bavuma will remain South Africa’s white ball captain for as long as his teammates and management desire. Bavuma, who said he would not make hasty decisions about his leadership future after South Africa’s T20 World Cup defeat to the Netherlands in November, has since “held discussions with those involved and committed to his role. continue to do so.”

“At the T20 World Championships, the question was asked (about the captain). It was obviously a very emotional time. It was a little unfair to be asked that question after leaving the field with a loss,” said Bavuma. said about South Africa’s World Cup Super League series against England. “Conversations are being held with those involved and I’m still working on it. I told them that if they still wanted me to lead, I would be happy to do so. It was never about me, it was always about the team. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say it’s about me and me. “

But Bavuma, who is under more pressure in T20I than ODI, has indicated that he is open to the decision if the new coaching staff wants to pull away from him. If so, I am happy to resign,” said Bavuma. “At the end of the day, it’s up to the coach. We have a new coach and a new coaching staff. A coach has a vision and needs someone to drive that vision forward. At the moment, my coach has entrusted me with this role, so I will continue to do my best. Luckily, I have a few people who support me. For now it’s business as usual for me. “

Last week South Africa introduced Sukri his Conrad and Rob Walter to the men’s red and white ball jobs respectively. With Walter not arriving in South Africa until February, Conrad will take over as manager of the England Series, and no major changes have been made to South Africa’s ODI squad. Bavma has promised a slightly different approach as South Africa appear to be more aggressive in their style of play. “I want to be more positive, I want to be braver, I’m always trying to make choices that put pressure on either the batter or the bowler,” he said.

But he didn’t go so far as to say South Africa would try to emulate England’s overly aggressive blueprint.

“They are pioneers, not only in white ball cricket, but also in red ball cricket,” Bavuma said. “We are South Africans. We have our way of thinking, our way of doing things. There’s nothing wrong with bringing something from England and putting it together and seeing what you come up with.With the staff we have the guys go out and find themselves …if it’s the same as playing South African buzzball – to use a silly word – yes. If that means we get out there and block the shit out of the ball, so be it.

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