Live cricket prediction: Ranji Trophy: Andhra pitches Assam to lead his Day 1 first inning

Land of Maharaj Kumar Vijay Anand Gajapathi Raju, better known as Vizzy, the town of Vzianagaram provided an exciting day for the Ranji Trophy match, with Andhra taking first blood against Assam.

The red ball moved, the bowlers set it up and maintained the line and length and it was Andhra outscoring Assam by just 113 to take an important 47-run lead and ending the first day on 160 in a losing finish. , was a stretch. 3 wickets.

The great Jack Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe were on his team when Vizzy became captain of his team of Indians in 1936. His insistence and dream of producing wickets for sports are still alive and well. Mid-pace right-hand bowler Madhav Rayudu trailed the visitors by his four wickets, while K Venkata sasikant picked his three wickets to share the spoils.

The throw fell in Assam’s favour, but his decision to bat first backfired as Andhra’s bowling obeyed the new ball operator’s orders, moved proportionally, lined up, and swung. Rayudu couldn’t even break a sweat to take 4 wickets in just 4.5 overs as this was the order of the relentless Andorran bowling attack.

Sasikanth, who won three wickets, outscored her partner bowling by three girls and allowed just 34 runs in 11 overs. Nitish Kumar Reddy and Lalith Mohan each claimed a face wicket to help hitters in his next three days.

His 49-round partnership between Rishav Das and Subham Mandal was Assam’s only notable show, but the rest broke under the pressure of the testing conditions.


Rajan Gnaneshwar and Abhishek Reddy exited with confidence, but Hridip Deka gave hope by eliminating his Gnaneshwar. However, the new ball again worked in Andhra’s favor as skipper Hanuman Vihari and Abhishek engineered the innings with a clever half-century.

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