Today cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy: Kedar Jadav records his 283th at-bat in his game against FC Assam for the first time in three years

Jadhav, who last played for India’s ODI in early 2020, was called up to Maharashtra XI after missing the services of Rahul Tripathi and Ruturaj Gaikwad due to national commitments.

Maharashtra batsman Kedar Jadhav scored his well-conceived double century in his trophy comeback match against Ranji after facing Assam in Pune on Thursday.

His Jadhav, who last played a first-class match in December 2019, in his third day of the fourth round match he crossed 200 runs with 4s for 19 and 6s for 12.

Jadhav assumed Maharashtra XI after he missed the services of Rahul Tripathi and Ruturaj Gaikwad due to national obligations.

He went to bat 95 for 2 as Maharashtra pursued Assam’s 274th innings lead. Jadhav ran 144 from the stumps on day two and continued to run smoothly on 183 of 187 pitches before retiring with an injury on day three. However, Jadav returned to batting after the fourth wicket fell.

Former Chennai Super hitter for his Kings, the final run he fell to 283 balls after he hit Subham Mandal from Riyan Parag’s ball.

Jadhav’s Century is also the first first-class ton since late 2018, and the record-breaking 2013-14 Lunge Trophy is the first time he has scored over 200 since his season. Jadhav’s highest score of 327 was against Uttar his against Pradesh in the 2012–13 season. Jadhav has appeared in 73 ODIs and 9 T20Is for India and is also the only Indian to average 40+ and 100+ strike rates (minimum 1000 runs) in ODIs.

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