Today cricket match report: Test India vs Pakistan: The MCC and the Victorian Government are inquiring about hosting a marquee game at the MCG.

India and Pakistan have not met in a Test since 2007, nor have they faced each other in international cricket outside of the World Cup and Asian Cup since 2013.

After successfully hosting the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup marquee clash earlier this year, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has expressed interest in hosting a test match between India and Pakistan.

The MCC, which manages the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the Victorian Government recently approached Cricket Australia (CA) about the possibility of hosting a high-profile test.

India and Pakistan have not played each other in a Test since her 2007 and have not played each other in cricket outside of the World Cup and Asian Cup since 2013.

“Of course. At the MCG he should do three [tests] in a row. You will fill it up every time. We asked,” Fox said. “We recorded it in Cricket Australia. I know the [Victoria] government did that too. Again, as far as I can understand, in a really busy schedule, it’s very complicated. So I think that’s probably the bigger challenge.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could supply all countries and fill stadiums all the time instead of just catering to Australia and Victoria? So we asked.

“I hope Cricket Australia will continue to challenge and push the ICC. Seeing several stadiums around the world empty, with full houses and that atmosphere, playing full house I think it would be much better to celebrate

“I’ve never seen a match like this at the MCG. This match between India and Pakistan was something completely different,” said Fox. “Atmosphere, I’ve never experienced anything like this before. The noise after each ball was phenomenal and enjoyed by the family, children and everyone.

“I think we need to take advantage of that Pakistani community next year if we are going to be more inclusive and make sure we have something to offer for all cultures. and it would be great if we could have a full house day.”

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